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The Inspired Teaching approach engages students to appreciate the joys of learning rather than seeing it as a passive process.

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Young people are powerful advocates for social change -- it is our duty to facilitate spaces and experiences for th…
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October 2015

Instigator of Thought – October 2015

Letter from Aleta Margolis, Executive Director

On a recent visit to the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, a student and I were discussing what he was working on. He then asked me about my work. “I teach teachers,” I said. “Did you know that teachers are learning as much as you are every day in class?” Without batting an eye, he responded, “Of course!”

At Inspired Teaching, we know that being a lifelong learner is a position of strength. We know that great leaders dedicate themselves to continuous improvement. They reflect on their practice and identify areas of growth. They approach their professional and personal development as a joyful and ongoing challenge. They change themselves, so that they can lead others to change. This is the work of the Inspired Teacher. We support them along the way. [Read the full piece here.]

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CELEBRATE #20YrsInspired: 

Calling all Instigators of Thought! To celebrate 20 years of Inspired Teachers, we’re launching a social media campaign featuring your great work. Over the next nine months, we’ll ask you to show how you build the 4 I’s in every student — Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity — by bringing the 5 Core Elements into your classroom.

In October, teachers are posting photos showing evidence of INTELLECT in their classrooms. We have received some wonderful examples of students who are learning from Instigators of Thought.


In November, take a photo showing evidence of INQUIRY in your classroom. Post your image to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook* with the hashtag #20YrsInspired. Every week, we’ll share top posts on our social media channels!

Beginning this month, we will be featuring interviews with Inspired Teachers from all programs. Showcased this month are Katherine Kindle and Margaret Ricks, participants in the 2012 and 2001 Inspired Teaching Institutes, respectively.

inspired-teaching-photo-campaign*Please carefully follow your school’s social media policies. Protecting student privacy is critically important.

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PREPARE new teachers for successful and sustainable careers

Inspired Teaching is pleased to announce that we have entered a formal partnership with National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR), a not-for-profit national organization that serves a growing network of high-performing residency programs. We will use this opportunity to engage with like-minded teacher preparation programs throughout the country.

Through this partnership, the Inspired Teacher Certification Program will have the opportunity to share the Inspired Teaching philosophy and instructional framework with other NCTR partners, while also benefiting from their experience and instructional practices.

We look forward to furthering the mission of both organizations as we work to transform education through innovative teacher training.

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SHIFT the practice of inservice teachers

– “By helping our students not just skim the surface of a science lesson, but dive into the big, messy, and fascinating real-world issues in science, we are helping transform not just how science is taught in our classrooms, but how our students perceive science. Our students’ eyes now light up when we introduce science.” Read more from 2015 SCALE Teacher Leaders Kerry Nolan and Jennifer Wehner as they write about the impact SCALE has had on their classroom practice and their students’ excitement and understanding of science.

– On October 9th, the Inspired Teaching SCALE Teacher Leaders led a full day of professional development for their DCPS colleagues. SCALE Teacher Leaders facilitated 11 concurrent sessions on a wide variety of topics from frog membranes and cable-car bridges to solar ovens and DNA. SCALE Teacher Leaders will plant and lead the majority of science-based professional development that DCPS teachers will participate in during the 2015-16 school year.

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MODEL Inspired Teaching in action

“What was the best part about moving and why?”

“Could you tell me about your experience during the race riots in DC?”

These were two of the many questions up for debate as Real World History students hosted Inspired Teaching partners and interested community members at their October 15 class. Students in this Inspired Teaching model course are preparing to complete oral history projects, interviewing Washingtonians with personal connections to the Great Migration.

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COMMUNICATE, leverage, and elevate: 

Inspired Teaching is pleased to feature Capital One, a longtime supporter of our work transforming classrooms into places that foster young people’s critical thinking, problem solving, and community building skills.

“Capital One is proud to partner with Center for Inspired Teaching to train educators to teach 21st century skills and empower their students to be active citizens,” says Naomi Smouha, Community Relations, Capital One. “By encouraging a child’s innate ability to be inquisitive and by engaging a child in critical thinking, we are helping more people get ready for tomorrow, starting today.” Learn more about Capital One here.

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VISIT Inspired Teaching in action: 

We invite teachers, aspiring teachers, school administrators, funders, partners, and all members of the community to come see Inspired Teaching in action!

Learn more about upcoming program visits and RSVP here.

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