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Having a chance to create, implement, evaluate, and revise similar units with other teachers has really helped me grow.

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Feb 16 03:12 pm

.@InspireMB & all Inspired Teachers establish mutual respect in the classroom & create space where children feel fr…

Help us reach 1,000!

November 22, 2013

What do these classrooms have in common?


They all have Inspired Teachers.

Student-centered, inquiry-based learning should be the norm in all classrooms, not just a special few. If you agree, give now to dramatically increase the number of Inspired Teachers in Washington, DC and beyond.

Help Inspired Teaching reach our goal of 1,000 supporters this holiday season!

Make a tax deductible, secure online donation today. Help us spread the word by telling a friend, sharing on your networks, and forwarding the news. Join Inspired Teaching in the movement to build a better school experience by making learning relevant, rigorous, and rewarding for all students.

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