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Inspired Teaching allowed me to see the importance of releasing power in my classroom to my students and allowing them a stronger voice.

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Happy #BacktoSchool to our 1st year & alumni Inspired Teaching Fellows at @HDCookeES! How will students use "The Ze…
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Inspired Teaching Demonstration School


At the Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, a professional learning community of master teachers and teacher residents ensures that a diverse group of students achieve their potential as accomplished learners, thoughtful citizens, and imaginative and inquisitive problem solvers through a demanding, inquiry-based curriculum. The standards-based curriculum and student goals are centered
 on the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.

In 2015, the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School was voted “Best Middle School” and runner-up “Best Elementary School” in the Washington City Paper’s annual “Best of DC” readers’ poll.  In 2014, the school was voted “Best Elementary School.”

Students spend their time learning the skills needed to become active members of a democratic society, including empathy, problem-solving, and creative thinking. At the Demonstration School, teachers use a wide range of assessments to measure students’ growth. One tool used is citywide standardized assessments, which show :

  • On the 2015 PARCC, the school outperformed the citywide average in both English/Language Arts and Math.
    • The school was:
      • 11th in the city (including DCPS and all charters) for English/Language Arts.
      • 14th in the city for Math.
    • Reading proficiency rates for special education students were 9x’s the statewide average.
    • Math proficiency rates for special education students were 5x’s the statewide average.
  • The school showed 26.2% growth from 2012-13 in DC-CAS scores, the greatest growth of any public school in DC.

Learn more about the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, a separate 501(c)(3).

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