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Congratulations to 2 of our Real World History internship sites, @LincolnsCottage and @NMAAHC, for winning @wcp Best of DC Awards!
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District Partnerships

stem-leadership-academy4Inspired Teaching creates sustainable, long-term district partnerships leading the way for standards-aligned, system-wide improvements in student learning. These replicable programs have been successfully piloted in Washington, DC and Baltimore City and are now scaling to other parts of the country.

SCALE: Science Curriculum Advancement through Literacy Enhancement

In partnership with the Washington, DC Public Schools (DCPS), Inspired Teaching is building teacher capacity and supporting strategic application of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) across the curriculum to build students’ literacy and science mastery and critical thinking skills. Through SCALE, which began in school year 2014-15, Inspired Teaching is training K-12 DCPS science teachers in inquiry-based instruction; creating, with input from a cohort of Teacher Leaders, new NGSS-aligned instructional modules for use throughout the district; and coaching Teacher Leaders as they teach SCALE modules to their students and lead professional development for their peers district-wide.

SCALE will reach all DCPS science teachers, impacting the learning of nearly 50,000 students. Modules created through SCALE will also serve as key components of DCPS’ new Cornerstones Initiative.

  • 100% of the 2014 SCALE Teacher Leaders improved in all four instructional areas measured by CLASS, an observational tool validated in over 6,000 classrooms.
  • 100% reported that SCALE was effective or highly effective in enabling them develop competency with NGSS.
  • 100% reported that SCALE was effective or highly effective in enabling them to use science and engineering practices to develop students’ science and engineering knowledge and skills.
  • 100% reported that SCALE was effective or highly effective in enabling them to engage in inquiry-based instruction.
  • 100% agree or strongly agree that participation in SCALE pushed them to reflect on their own teaching practice.
  • 100% agree or strongly agree that participation in SCALE has connected them with a community of like-minded educators.

BLISS: Building Literacy in the Social Studies

In partnership with DCPS, Inspired Teaching facilitated the BLISS program, providing professional development sessions for secondary Social Studies teachers in school years 2011-14.

  • 100% of participant teachers said that BLISS is better than other professional development they’ve received.
  • 100% of teachers would recommend BLISS to other teachers.
  • 100% of teachers said the program content has been directly relevant to their professional needs.
  • 95% of teachers reported that the Inspired Teaching BLISS professional development sessions helped them increase the amount of content area literacy instruction they provide their students.
  • Preliminary results reveal that overall, after receiving instruction using the BLISS framework, 6th grade students are making significant progress in meeting the expectations for on- demand writing tasks.

Feedback from SCALE and BLISS Teacher Leaders:

“To look at the growth that my students have made in their writing abilities from the beginning of the school year to the end of the year is incredible.”

“The connections and collaborations with other teachers across the district has helped me to realize when I am teaching at a rigorous level and when I need to step up my game with my students.”

“Most valuable has been the time to plan with other teachers. I greatly enjoy collaborating and critiquing my own work. Having a chance to create, implement, evaluate, and revise similar units with other teachers has really helped me grow as a teacher.”

“It has completely changed the way I think about teaching.”

Learn more about Inspired Teaching’s partnerships. A one-page graphic is available here.

Baltimore City Public Schools – Inspired Teaching Institute for Mathematics Teachers

In 2011-13, in partnership with the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS), the Inspired Teaching Institute for Mathematics Teachers strengthened participants’ pedagogical skills by developing inquiry-based instructional practices, setting the stage for effective system-wide implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Teachers who participated in the 2011 Institute increased their regular use of high cognitive demand instructional practices during the 2011-12 school year. Practices with high cognitive demand include having students solve novel or non-routine problems, engage in group work, and apply mathematical concepts to “real-world” situations.

Teacher mid-year feedback collected in January 2012 continued to show the Institute’s impact:

  • 100% of participants would recommend the course to other educators.
  • 97% of participants reported that the Institute has been successful at providing them with support and encouragement.
  • 92% of participants reported that the Institute has helped them build skills in using engaging instructional strategies.

Learn more about Inspired Teaching’s 2011-13 partnership with BCPSS.

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