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May 26 03:20 pm

Learn more about how Real World History transforms the school experience for DC high school students

Real World History students lead interschool seminar discussion of “The Case for Reparations”

January 12, 2015

(Photos: Sammy Magnuson/Center for Inspired Teaching)

On Thursday evening, January 8, Real World History students hosted an interschool seminar discussion with students from the Maret School. Real World History students facilitated conversation among their peers about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article “The Case for Reparations,” discussing the strength of Coates’ arguments and how social justice issues resonate with their own experiences as young Washingtonians and Americans.


Supported by DC Public Schools, Real World History is piloting a new way to gauge high school success, providing a blueprint for 21st century teaching and learning designed to be shared with visiting educators, policymakers, and community leaders from across the city.

The intimate event drew more than 20 interested members of the community, including guests from Real World History funder City Fund, as well as the Institute for Educational Leadership, the Gates Foundation, DC Public Schools, and Teaching for Change.

A film crew from WETA, the public television station, filmed the discussion as part of an ongoing project capturing footage from Real World History for a project on adolescent literacy.



15 Maret students and 20 public school students participated in the discussion. The public school students represented the following DC high schools:

Cesar Chavez PCS (Capitol Hill)
EL Haynes PCS
School without Walls

Learn more about Real World History here.

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