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We’ve observed how effectively Inspired Teaching’s teachers engage students in the learning process, stimulating inquiry and imagination. Kids love learning in this setting; it’s a great dropout prevention!

— Diana Davis Spencer, President of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
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Sep 16 02:15 pm

"compliance is a problem w/ implications not only for school, but for our future" -ED@janeehrenfeld https://t.co/3hQdtidgIx
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Watch the videos below, and see how Inspired Teaching is building a better school experience for students through transformative teacher training. 

In 2016, Center for Inspired Teaching was featured on Euronews’ Learning World, an international news program dedicated to covering education innovation across the globe.

In 2014, Center for Inspired Teaching was named a Champion of the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka Changemaker’s Re-imagine Learning Challenge. Inspired Teaching’s project, selected from 632 entries submitted from 63 countries around the world, focused on the ways we teach teachers to infuse serious play into learning experiences for students.

In school year 2014-15, Inspired Teaching partnered with DC Public Schools (DCPS) to create SCALE: Science Curriculum Advancement through Literacy Enhancement. SCALE brings together a community of scientists and learning experts to provide a cohort of science Teacher Leaders the tools and support they need to implement inquiry-based, standards-aligned instruction in their classrooms. These Teacher Leaders provide professional development to their colleagues, reaching all K-12 science teachers in DCPS. In school year 2016-17, SCALE will expand to public charter schools across the District.

The Inspired Teaching Institute, Inspired Teaching’s original professional development program, challenges teachers of all academic subjects to build student achievement and meet standards in creative and effective ways.

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