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Center for Inspired Teaching offers a radically different approach to education while still working from within the system. I see education reform from a larger perspective thanks to this vision.

— Erika
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Apr 20 02:27 pm

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What We Believe About Teaching and Learning

At Inspired Teaching®, each teacher we train – whether experienced or brand new – becomes an Instigator of Thought®, undergoing a process that is intellectually, physically, and emotionally engaging. Our in-depth, innovative training creates highly effective educators equipped to provide a more engaging school experience, leading to improved student learning and achievement.

Inspired Teaching is rooted in the belief that every student possesses the ability to think critically, learn and understand information, and solve complex problems, and that students should spend their time in school engaged primarily in these kinds of activities. It is the teacher’s responsibility to find or create a way to reach every student.

The teacher avoids spoon-feeding information to students, giving excessive instructions, and supplying answers. Instead, the teacher structures lessons so that students work independently and collaboratively using the process of inquiry to search for answers, pose and solve problems, and meet academic standards. In these classrooms, teachers and students are intellectually, emotionally, and physically engaged.

Students are expected not only to develop a familiarity with content, but to develop a deep understanding of it. Assessment involves application of knowledge, often to new situations, and the ability to explain or demonstrate mastery of subject matter. This is done through multiple means such as interdisciplinary projects, writing, and oral presentations.

Reflection – on the part of students, teachers, and principal – is a key component of Inspired Teaching. The teacher challenges students to reflect on their work, and the principal challenges teachers to reflect on their practice, their successes, and what they have yet to accomplish. This process of self-assessment involves constant examination and re-examination of the learning process, material learned, and approaches tried (on the part of the teacher and the student).

The teacher-student relationship and the relationship of the principal with teachers and students are essential to the success of Inspired Teaching. Discipline and motivation for high levels of success are accomplished through building a learning community, with each student, teacher, and principal making a contribution and investing in the success of the whole. Teachers and students share control over learning. As teachers respect the right of students to make decisions about how they approach learning, students accept the responsibility to do their best work.

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