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Inspired Teaching has reinforced my beliefs about teaching and learning in the most essential ways by giving me the opportunity to explore them, question them and build on them based on the interaction with the beliefs of others.

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Oct 19 01:40 pm

How can schools promote social justice & student action? Learn more from our ED @janeehrenfeld via @washingtonpost https://t.co/7aZ7y5UPpg
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The 4 I’s

Center for Inspired Teaching believes an excellent education is academically challenging, standards-based, and focused on building The 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.®


  • Reading & Literature: Students will comprehend and analyze age-appropriate literature and nonfiction text.
  • Communication: Students will communicate powerfully through writing, speaking, and the arts.
  • Math: Students will solve math problems using both procedural fluency and conceptual understanding.
  • Science & Social Studies: Students will demonstrate understanding of the complexity of the scientific and social worlds.
  • Students will apply content knowledge to relevant and current situations, problems, and experiences.
  • Students will be intellectually and physically active, self-directed learners.


  • Students will demonstrate the skills of a researcher: reasoning, generating questions, collecting and analyzing information, and proposing solutions.
  • Students will demonstrate the dispositions of a researcher: ongoing intellectual curiosity and collaboration; an internal motivation to learn; wonder; keen observation; and attention to detail, data, and possibilities for further investigations.


  • Students will exhibit the skills of divergent thinkers: the courage to create, a joyful spirit, the ability to generate ideas and devise solutions, the ability to play.
  • Students will exhibit resourcefulness, ingenuity, and optimism when faced with an unfamiliar challenge or opportunity.


  • Students will demonstrate the skills and dispositions necessary to function as members of a democratic society: the ability to stand up for one’s beliefs; the confidence to make decisions according to one’s value system; the ability to listen to, learn from, respect, and problem solve with others; as well as honesty, empathy, compassion, and strong ethics.

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