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This has been nothing like what I’ve experienced before in professional development. Inspired Teaching’s program has been fantastic!

— 2014 SCALE Teacher Leader
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Feb 23 10:50 am

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The 4 I’s

Center for Inspired Teaching believes an excellent education is academically challenging, standards-based, and focused on building The 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.®


  • Reading & Literature: Students will comprehend and analyze age-appropriate literature and nonfiction text.
  • Communication: Students will communicate powerfully through writing, speaking, and the arts.
  • Math: Students will solve math problems using both procedural fluency and conceptual understanding.
  • Science & Social Studies: Students will demonstrate understanding of the complexity of the scientific and social worlds.
  • Students will apply content knowledge to relevant and current situations, problems, and experiences.
  • Students will be intellectually and physically active, self-directed learners.


  • Students will demonstrate the skills of a researcher: reasoning, generating questions, collecting and analyzing information, and proposing solutions.
  • Students will demonstrate the dispositions of a researcher: ongoing intellectual curiosity and collaboration; an internal motivation to learn; wonder; keen observation; and attention to detail, data, and possibilities for further investigations.


  • Students will exhibit the skills of divergent thinkers: the courage to create, a joyful spirit, the ability to generate ideas and devise solutions, the ability to play.
  • Students will exhibit resourcefulness, ingenuity, and optimism when faced with an unfamiliar challenge or opportunity.


  • Students will demonstrate the skills and dispositions necessary to function as members of a democratic society: the ability to stand up for one’s beliefs; the confidence to make decisions according to one’s value system; the ability to listen to, learn from, respect, and problem solve with others; as well as honesty, empathy, compassion, and strong ethics.

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