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What I have benefited from most is the consideration of the whole child – the idea that the child should be met where they are and considered an individual in the context of the classroom environment is a paramount concept.

— Travis
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May 26 03:20 pm

Learn more about how Real World History transforms the school experience for DC high school students

April 2018

Inspired Teaching Joins America’s Promise Alliance

Center for Inspired Teaching Joins America’s Promise Alliance

Supports the Call to Improve the Lives of America’s Young People

Washington, DC — April 20, 2018— Center for Inspired Teaching today announced it has become an official partner of America’s Promise Alliance.

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Teacher Feature – Mr. Stevens

"History is really hyper-relevant, the key is unlocking that relevancy. Like a good storyteller, you try to help the audience relate to a very specific example. That’s what effective History teachers do--they unlock the seemingly pre-written and determined narrative and show how normal individuals have directly affected a larger narrative that can seem overwhelming." Read more from Mr. Stevens.

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