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Toyota is deeply committed to supporting the next generation of America’s leaders in mathematics, science, engineering, and environmental science, and we look forward to seeing Inspired Teaching – and the students and teachers they serve – make an even bigger impact in the years ahead.

— Michael Rouse, Vice President of Diversity, Philanthropy & Community Affairs & President of the Toyota USA Foundation.
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Oct 19 01:40 pm

How can schools promote social justice & student action? Learn more from our ED @janeehrenfeld via @washingtonpost

August 2013

“Daddy, we were there!”

Cosby Hunt, Inspired Teaching's Manager of Teaching and Learning, reflects on what it meant to take his son to the National Mall for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

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My Visit to Center for Inspired Teaching

Lauren Coletta, Senior Change Leader at Ashoka, recounts her visit to the Inspired Teacher Certification Program and the powerful training exercise she experienced that strengthened her empathy for both students and teachers.

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